James Fleming | Geomatics Consultant, Camera Operator & Site Surveyor
Current Location: Bristol, England
Skills: Drone Mapping | Surveying | Photography | Cinematography | Web Design | Photogrammetry and 3D Scanning | Geological Mapping | GIS and Remote Sensing | Gimbal
Education: Geology BSc (Hons) 2:1 | Plymouth University, UK
Outdoors: Skiing | Climbing | Bouldering | Ski Touring | Kayaking | Trekking
Example Projects & Contributions
Drone Photogrammetry & Mapping
University of Leicester | Research Data Contribution: "Assessment of Crown Decline in a Woodland Affected by Acute Oak Decline with UAV-based Multispectral Imagery". Multispectral sensor integration, data capture & photogrammetric image processing
A2SEA | Drone Mapping: Gurnard to Lepe Cable Landfall Survey. Control point surveying, photogrammetric image processing and GIS analysis
Skyhook | Drone 3D Modelling: Portsmouth Docks 3D building reconstruction. Photogrammetric image processing and online portal development
Render Media | Drone 3D Modelling: 3D scan of a trading estate for use in the clients VR simulator, acting as the immediate background surrounding the designed area. Ground-based image capture, drone operator support and photogrammetric image processing
AM-UAS | LiDAR & Photogrammetric Processing: Processing of aerial images, LiDAR & bathymetry data to produce an Orthomosaic and DTM of the Dove River stream bed and surrounding terrain. The outputs were used to provide the client with up-to-date imagery and terrain information for use in potential flood monitoring. Point cloud classification, DTM generation and photogrammetric image processing 
University of Bangor | Research Data Contribution: Multispectral mapping of an area of mountain within Snowdonia National Park, comparing vegetation health to factors including animal activity. Multispectral sensor integration, drone mission planning and photogrammetric image processing
Off The Ground | Drone 3D Modelling: Generation of a 3D model of a large quarry in North Wales, which was used as a base scan for the CGI in Robin Hood (2018). Data capture consultation, photogrammetric image processing and video fly-through creation
Plymouth University | Dissertation Mapping Project (BSc): "Independent geological mapping and data collection: metamorphism and the structural geology of the Ofoten region of Northern Norway". Geological mapping, field operation planning and GIS
Media & Design
Photo/Video Features
GoPro Mexico | Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Ski Big 3 | Ski Louise | OVRMAP | Geo-4D | AlphaGeo UK
Web Design
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